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Hi! I am Teresa Pritchard. I am a bold, genuine lover of God with a passion to serve Christ and his people. I am married to my highschool sweetheart, Wesley, and we have two children and five grandchildren. Six years ago we bought a farm nestled in the heart of North Carolina where we now live with our four horses, three donkeys, three cats, and a poodle named Fleck. We serve as lead pastors of Fayetteville Community Church which sits just a mile down the road. Whether you are walking in the front door of our farmhouse or the front door of the church, our heart’s desire is to make it feel like coming home. 


I have been teaching adult ministries for over twenty years and have written several Bible studies for women. I love organizing theme based retreats based on each Bible study! I believe love is in the details and try to make each event special and memorable.  Most recently we have studied my last two works, Deborah: Becoming All You Can Bee and Against the Current.


My greatest desire is for people to fall in love with God by falling in love with His word. Because I know we are all in different seasons of life I try to bring the word with grace in one hand and practical application in the other. 


For the past six years as we have been restoring our farmhouse and barn we have tried to make it a happy place to share with the church and community to celebrate life’s memorable moments. There are porch swings and rocking chairs, a beautiful pasture and even a working windmill. But  I think my favorite spot on the property is at the black walnut farm table sharing meals, sharing laughter and sharing stories. Just like the restoration story of the farm, I  believe Christ has a beautiful, unique restoration story just for you. I can’t wait to hear all about it. 

Welcome home. Welcome to the table. I saved you a seat.

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